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Profile Daya Pertiwi Foundation


provides services for all people and our dream is to unite and to free the people from poverty. DPF provide self-reliance development socio-economics of rural and urban communities, conducting economy development programs, environmental preservation, and nature restoration. Adaptation of climate change, among others through Community Forest, food and water security and creating alternative livelihoods that benefit grassroots communities to avoid illegal logging of forests.

DPF  intend to sharpen the organization focus understandings and the purpose within the next decade and continuity of organization activity, it is necessary to focus on environmental conservation and protection, especially the forest and water resources through program implementation in preparing and strengthening adaptation of climate change or other economically beneficial activities for the poor. Economic development programs of DPF  must be Ecosystem-Based Implementation in an integrated manner to also maintain the safety of food and water needs for the community.

We are applying Total Transparency principle in which all projects and programs audited and evaluated by internals and externals independent experts and all evaluation reports could be provided by DPF  Headquarters based on public request.


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