Staff Development

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Staff Development In order to support the implementation of a quality development program while sustaining DPF  services, the following programs have been carried out.

1. Development of Staff quality

In order that an efficient, effective and strategically well developed organization could be realized to reach its goals, DPF  trains its staff to become competent and professional. Newly recruited staffs have to undergo training and orientation: further training or upgrading is provided in stages as the need arises and in accordance with their respective fields. Comparative study and training in relative fields are provided both locally and overseas (if needed).

The principles of management developed by DPF  is always based on the social cultural values of Indonesia so that the knowledge obtained from overseas training is taken as a comparative study to be modified and used to constructively develop the existing management system without destroying the local values in Indonesia.

2. Develop Physical Infrastructure

To enable DPF  to effectively carry out its operations, it is necessary to have the appropriate infrastructure supporting them. Until to date, DPF  has at its disposal several physical infrastructure to serve DPF  operational purposes.

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