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Environment Programs

Profile Daya Pertiwi Foundation

Environment, Climate Change, Economy, Integrated Development

The organization intend to sharpen the organization focus the purpose within the next decade and continuity of organization activity, it is necessary to focus on environmental conservation and protection, especially the forest and water resources through program implementation in preparing and strengthening adaptation of climate change or other economically beneficial activities for the poor and sustainability of the environment and ecosystem.

The economic recovery of the poor affected by COVID-19 through nature-based economic development, restoration of critical lands and conservation are the focus of DPF's attention for at least the next decade for climate change adaptation.There has been an increase in the number of new poor people and more poverty of the poorest due to the COVID pandemic and extreme climate change.

Integrated Rural Economy Development and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises  (MSMEs)

DPF's priority is to develop, provide services and empower the micro, small and medium scale business sector in Indonesia. In this respect, DPF  makes available business programs in areas considered important in several ways.
This programs is undertaken in 3 stages, namely

  1. The launching Stage: conduct surveys, promotion, appreciation workshops, selection and recruitment of potential participants.
  2. Training Stages (Expand vision and skills in business management as well as business planning.
  3. Follow-up Stage (monitoring, consultation and facilitating).

Target Participants and Working Areas

  • Farmers, landless farmers or farm laborers, business people of micro, small and medium scale
  • The unemployed who nevertheless have certain skills
  • Male and or female
  • Married or single
  • Above 21 of age


DPF has long experience in providing clean drinking water for residents to meet their basic needs, supplying water for livestock and agricultural land in several areas in East Java, Nusa Penidaisland and West Timor.

In 2019 and 2023 DPF has collaborated with Yamaha, which implemented water purification system equipment that is very environmentally friendly and uses a lot of natural energy. This is very positive in transferring knowledge of technology, providing healthy water and not polluting the environment.


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