Community Based Organization

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The Community Based Economy Development

approach focuses in first instance on group or rural Community Based Organizations (CBOs) formation. In areas with a low development level, groups are indeed considered as the appropriate mediator for the introduction of change. Intensive training and awareness raising allow the group members to analyze their situation, detect their own weaknesses and potential and define measures for improvement.

Through CBOs approach, not just trying to get a solution of socio-economic problems but also environmental issues for sustainable environment and development purposes, eg social reforestation which also provide forage production, land rehabilitation and conservation, water supply for humans, animals and plants on nature-based for climate change adaptation.

Technical training courses supplement their skills. Groups are then intensively followed up; progress and constraints are regularly monitored and corrective measures identified. Other parties (government services, universities, private sector, etc.) are included in the process where relevant. DPF  also encourages the setting up of Cooperatives and Associations, especially to the target groups under DPF ’s guidance.

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