A Brief Look "Procurement of Clean Drinking Water through Purification Machines" 2020-2021

A Brief Look
Senin, 24 Juli 2023    News

This project has been implementing with the assistance of the Japanese Government

Project Location

Wirotaman Village, District of Ampel Gading, Regency of Malang, Province of East Java

Current Conditions / Problems

  1. There is no installation of drinkable rural water pipeline infrastructure
  2. The quality of clean drinking or hygienic water does not meet health requirements
  3. So far, the inhabitants of the village of Wirotaman drink from Springwater whose Aluminum content is higher than the drinking water threshold.
  4. A large number of diarrhea cases are recorded at the Puskesmas (Community Health Service Center)
  5. Purchasing mineral water from cities causes expensive mineral prices due to transportation / delivery costs.

The main activity of the project

  1. Coordination with all relevant authorities, community leaders, and licensing management.
  2. Socialization to target communities
  3. Form a team responsible for the construction and installation
  4. Develop an implementation work plan
  5. Hipam Training (Association of Drinking Water Users) on how to manage and distribute water to the community
  6. Financial accounting exercises
  7. Implementation of the construction of the clearing plant
  8. Distribution of water to the community
  9. Water purification machine maintenance exercises

10. DPF monitoring and assistance

11. Financial Evaluation and Audit

Expected results from the project

  1. Purification machines operate and are able to provide healthy, clean water
  2. All target communities can enjoy enough clean water
  3. Improved public health and decreased diarrhea rates
  4. Clean water purification becomes a village business activity
  5. The community organizers of drinking water organizations are able to technically maintain machines
  6. Activities can take place continuously

Estimated number of target groups / number of beneficiary communities from this project

Target group:
The population of Wirotaman Village that needs clean drinking water is 4,140 people, or consisting of 1,291 families consisting of 2079 men and 2061 of the female population.

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