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Other Activities

Program to Develop Eastern part of Indonesia

Eastern Part of Indonesia (EPI) is one of DAYA PERTIWI’s priorities to develop because of its underdeveloped state in the overall national development.

has provided entrepreneurial training to several potential entrepreneurs from West Papua. In East Nusa Tenggara, specifically West Timor a working relationship has been established with local NGOs, local government, community leaders and other related institutions. This cooperation cover among others, developing the social economy of the rural areas through SMED (Small Enterprises Development) and CBED (Community Based Economy Development) programs and supported by European Commission funding and EED (Germany) for 2001-2006.

Present ongoing project supported in cooperation with ICCO in the poorest area on Bali, i.e. Kubu District of Karangasem dan the Island of Nusa Penida, Bali Province. And in cooperation with EWDE (Germany) in West Manggarai, Froles, NTT. In East Java, Daya Pertiwi cooperate with Bamboo Micro Credit, Australia, providing micro credit services for micro entrepreneurs.

DAYA PERTIWI also feel very important to provide attention to Advancing Indonesia`s Civil Society in Businesses, Trade and Investment Climate. Poverty reduction in the context of sustainable development, including pursuit of the internationally standard targets.