Welcome to Daya Pertiwi Foundation, we are developing of people's economy and the environment preservation since 1977

DAYA PERTIWI provides services for all people and our dream is to unite and to free the people from poverty. DAYA PERTIWI provide self-reliance development socio-economics of rural and urban communities, conducting development programs and environmental protection, development of small & medium enterprises (SMEs) and conducting humanitarian assistance to victims of natural and conflict disasters in a timely, appropriate and planned with the principle of honest, transparent, independent and professional.

DAYA PERTIWI advancing Indonesia`s Civil Society in Businesses, Trade and Investment Climate. Poverty reduction in the context of sustainable development. Contributing to the strengthening of Indonesian civil society involvement in development participation. Support to the establishment and strengthening of civil society forum/network at national, regional and international levels.

We are applying Total Transparency principle in which all projects and programs audited and evaluated by internals and externals independent experts and all evaluation reports could be accessed publicly in this website.