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Small Entrepreneur's Main Characteristics and Problems
Dikirim: 01 October 2012

What is more determining is the condition in which entrepreneurs can succeed in controlling and organizing a process of innovation – also in delegating the functions to their employees/staff, development agents, or even “market”, so that a new combination can be created. S/he can be called an entrepreneur since in her or his activities s/he takes some “interest” in the form of profits.

Dikirim: 01 October 2012

A natural science deals with the behavior of OBJECTS. But a social discipline such as management deals with the behavior of PEOPLE and HUMAN INSTITUTIONS. What matters most in a social discipline such as management are therefore the basic assumptions. And a CHANGE in the basic assumptions matters even more.

Life Philosophies
Dikirim: 01 October 2012

Nature is the storage of anything given by God. Be a worshipper of God and don’t be a beggar who begs particularly on Him. In the right time, God will give you many worth mercies. He knows everything and acts in the right time, place, and situation

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