Welcome to Daya Pertiwi Foundation, we are developing of the people's economy and the prevention of climate change.
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Mission statement
Dikirim: 01 October 2012

Over a period of more than 25 years DAYA PERTIWI has been active rural development by establishing CBOs (Community Based Organizations) providing water supply for irrigation and drinking water, housing, saving & credit program, etc, farming (organic ecological agriculture, land rehabilitation, social forestry, etc.), and animal husbandry. Looking at past experiences and referring to the current real conditions while projecting for the future, DPF has also since 1992, developed Micro, Small and Medium Businesses (in the fields of industry, trade, agribusiness as well as services). DPF apply the principle of total transparency, where all the funding and evaluation reports conducted by external independent experts team launched on this website and could be accessed by the public.

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